Crossroads Christian Church is a community who, following Christ's example, gathers at His open table welcoming all people on their spiritual journey.




We believe that we are meant to gather in community as Christians, and that we can be our best as a part of the community.  We gather for weekly worship, studies, and for fellowship.  We believe that as part of a community we are called to care for each other, to challenge each other, to walk with each other, and to learn from each other.


Following Christ’s Example:


We believe that Jesus is the perfect example of how God has called us to live in the world.  We strive as a community, using the Bible as our primary resource, to understand how Christ has called us to live in our world.  We believe the Bible is inspired by God, but requires each of us to read and interpret the text to best understand how it connects to the world in which it was written, and what it means for us today.  


Gather at His Open Table:


As members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) we believe that the table is central to everything we do.  We gather at the table each week in worship and believe that the table is where we see Jesus most fully.  We believe the table is a sign of the covenant God made with this world through Jesus.  It is where we are reminded of God’s Grace which is offered to all people.  We believe that Jesus has invited us all to His table to experience the Love and Grace of God.  


Welcoming All People:


We believe that we are challenged to be a community that welcomes all people.  We recognize that this challenge is not always easy, but we strive to be such a community.  We believe that God is the God of all, and that the church should be open to all people.  We believe that God will work through our study and community to change lives, but that our church should be open to all so that they can experience God through the community.  


Spiritual Journey:


We believe that we are all on a spiritual journey.  Some of us might be at the beginning of that journey, and some may have been on the road for most of our lives.  We believe that the church is where we can all gather and share our stories and experiences of our journeys.  We do not believe that every persons journey is the same, but that we can learn from each others paths to enrich our own road to faith.